Monday, August 24

he salido

I ain't in Mexico no more! I'll probably delete this blog soon.

Monday, April 27

oink oink oink

Alright! Piggie vacation! The Mexican health authority has just canceled ALL classes throughout the ENTIRE country until the 6th of May. Some think that it's a Mexican conspiracy to keep voters in their homes and away from the polls. Right now they're having federal elections. Sometimes an overreaction can work in my favor! Yeah, yeah, better safe than sorry. (and why don't we err on the side of caution every flu season? I mean, 64,000 Americans DIE every year from the yearly flu mutation.)

Thursday, April 16


I just got back from Mazunte, an isolated somewhat virgin beach in southern Oaxaca. It's surrounded by actual virgin beaches, a sight hard to wrap my head around for a guy coming from a touristy beach city. Imagine: Miles of nothing but sand, waves, and bushes. The reason for the lack of development is that it's a protected natural reserve. In the spring, big mother honkin' sea turtles scrape their bellies up the shore, dig a trench that'd put the western front to shame, and poop out a few dozen eggs. We weren't lucky enough this time, but this same time 2 years ago we went to Mazunte and had to move our tables out of the way of one of these big dumb majestic animals. Discovery Channel spit, up close. Picures can be seen here.